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Board Meets:

 1ST & 3RD Thursday of each month

(see full list below)

  • 20 Greenbush Road

  • Orangeburg, New York 10962

  • Cheryl Coopersmith, Chief Clerk, Boards and Commissions

  • The Land Use Applications are all currently under review.  Please contact the building department if you have any questions.

  • Board of Review


    Christopher Dunnigan            12/31/2020

    Shirley Goebel Christie           12/31/2020

    Sharon Burke                           12/31/2020

    Deborah Stuhlweissenburg    12/31/2022

    Kenyatta Jones-Arietta           12/31/2022

    Brian Aitchison                        12/31/2020

    Joseph Milillo                          12/31/2022


  • Councilman Troy (Liaison)

  • Town of Orangetown Chapter 2: Architecture and Community Appearance Board of Review


  • 1. Signed, NOTARIZED, and dated attached Board application, A DESCRIPTIVE PROJECT NARRATIVE, MUST BE PROVIDED.

    2. Copy of Deed to present owner of property.

    3. Written authorization from owner to appear in front of Board, if Agent.

    4. All Site Plan submissions must have a Building Permit Referral, signed by the Director of the Buildings Department.

    5. List of Names/Addresses of all owners of properties within 200 feet of perimeter of site, obtained from the Land Use Board Office.  Application must include a map of lots noting 200 foot radius line as applicable, measuring from all points on property line, not from the center of the site, excluding public roadways, right of ways, public utility or public entity. Names and addresses must be placed on stamped #10 envelopes, without return address. Do not use a postage meter.

    6. Ten copies of all plans, signed and sealed by the appropriate New York State Professional and must conform to Town of Orangetown Land Development Regulations, see Chapters 21 and 21 A of the Town of Orangetown Town Code. All plans must be folded to 8 ½ x 11 with title box showing.

    7. Site Plan Requirements Include:

    Minimum scale of 1 inch = 30 feet

    Proposed Landscaping Plan

    Vicinity map minimum scale of 1 inch =1000 feet

    North Arrow

    All existing trees over 8 inches in diameter, indicate those trees to remain, those trees to be removed shall have an “x” on the tree

    Note the trees to be planted in accordance with the Town Code Regulation 21-25, Shade Tree Ordinance

    Existing and proposed contours at 2 foot intervals and first floor elevations

    Existing and new structures

    Access roads, off street parking, sidewalks and curbs, streams and grading

    Parking schedule, number of spaces required, location and number provided (non-residential plans only)

    8. Architectural Plan Requirements Include:

    Floor Plans, Elevations, Exterior Mechanical Equipment, Building Materials.

    * Samples of building materials need to be presented at the meeting for Board review.

    9. 2020 Appropriate Fees; Checks made payable to “Town of Orangetown”

    Project Fees:

    Subdivision Plan: $300.00

    Residential Site Plan: $125.00

    Commercial Site Plan: $300.00

    Other/Signs: $100.00

    1Legal Notice Advertisement Fee:$150.00 (For each time an advertisement or re-advertisement has to be published)


    Architecture and Community Appearance Board of Review


    Town of Orangetown Building Department

    20 Greenbush Road

    Orangeburg, New York 10962

    (845) 359-8410, ex 4330,


    2020Meeting Dates


    The Board meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month, unless otherwise noted. Meetings are held in the Greenbush Auditorium, 20 South Greenbush Road, Orangeburg, New York. All meetings begin at 7:30 p.m.

    January 2                                      January 16

    February 6                                     February 20

    March 7                                         March 21

    April 2                                            April  16

    May 7                                               May 21

     June 4                                             June 18

     July 09(2nd Thursday changed for July 4th)              July 23 (4th Thursday)

    No meetings in August

    September 3                                 September 17

     October 1                                      October 15

     November 5                                  November  19

     December 3                         (one meeting in December)


    1Effective February 4th, 2015 as per Town Board Resolution No. 45  January 28, 2015.

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