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Historical Areas Board of Review

Meets 2nd Tuesday each month


(see details below)

20 Greenbush Road

Orangeburg, New York 10962

Debbie Arbolino

Administrative Aide to

 Zoning Board of Appeals and Historic Areas Board


Phone: 845-359-8410

ext. 4331 or 4332


Historical Areas Board of Review



Margaret Raso


Loren Plotkin


Thano Schoppel


Carol Schelin


William Walther


Walter Scott Wheatley


Councilman Bottari (Liaison)



1. A signed and dated completed Part 1 of the Board Application.

2. A Building Permit Referral, signed by the Director of the Department. Historic Board applications that are referred from the Planning Board or consultations do not require a Building Permit Denial.

3. A Copy of the Deed to the present owner of the property.

4. Agents must have written authorization from the owner to appear in front of the Board. Contract Purchaser may file a copy of the contract.

5. A list of Names/Addresses of all property owners within 200 feet of perimeter of site, obtained from the Land Use Board Office. Application must include a map of tax lots noting 200 foot radius line as applicable, measuring from all points on property line, not from the center of the site, excluding public roadways, right of ways, public utility or public entity. Names and addresses must be placed on stamped #10 envelopes, without return address. Do not use a postage meter.

6. Since the review is concerned with exterior design, it is very important to have your architect present.

7. A minimum of ten sets of architectural plans, signed and sealed by the appropriate New York licensed professional showing dimensions and height of existing and proposed construction. Floor plans may be needed for clarification. A simple scale drawing is not acceptable.

8. All plans shall be for construction purposes (i.e.. Building Department submission) and must include the following information on the plan:

9.  2020 Appropriate Fees, Checks made payable to Town of Orange town:
1All Reviews: $125.00

1Legal Notice Advertisement Fee (For each time an advertisement or re-advertisement has to be published): $150.00


 The Board meets the second Tuesday of every month, unless noted otherwise.

A Building Permit Denial must be included with your application.

Bring Building Material Samples to the meeting.

Consultation: It is advisable to have your architect and yourself consult with the Board before the preparation of final drawings for approval.

In the Historic Area, all construction requiring a building permit or any exterior changes to buildings constructed prior to 1918, requires approval from the historic areas board of review. Please be aware that the application process takes approximately 21 days, depending upon the time of submission, to appear before the board.

For more information call the Historic Areas Board of Review office at 359-8410, ext. 4331 or 4332

Chapter 12, Historic Areas adopted by the Town Board 7/28/97 governs the historic areas in Palisades and Tappan and is available for inspection and/or purchase.


2ND Tuesday of every month AT 7:00 PM

January 14th

February 11th

March 10th

April 14Th

May 12th

June 9th

July 14Th


September 10th

October 13th

November 10th

December 8th

Revised: December 3, 2019

1Effective February the, 2015 as per Town Board Resolution No. 45, January 28, 2015.

A vicinity map


  • Floor Plans and Sections

  • Elevations with exterior materials and color schemes. Samples must be furnished.

  • All exterior mechanical equipment and signs, if incorporated in the proposal.

  • Dimensions and elevations to scale of existing building showing relationships to proposed alterations/additions and dimensions. Label windows, doors and all distinguishing features. Provide same information for buildings within 100 feet of new structure. Provide photographs of the building and surrounding area at the meeting.

  • Gutters and leaders and disposition of runoff must be indicated on all plans.PLEASE STATE THE BRAND NAME, TYPE, STYLE, MODEL AND COLOR NUMBERS:1. Roof Shingles2. Siding (and Thickness)3. Windows4. Any stone or rock being used on the structure and/or walkway(s)5. Facade color schemes6. Any other specific materials being used in the construction and/or renovation.

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